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  • Pax D180 mpos

    D180 MPOS

    Cost Effective - EMV & Contactless

  • pax d200 mpos

    D200 MiniPOS

    MPOS ReDesigned

  • pax d220 mpos

    D220 MiniPOS

    Next Generation Mobility

  • With 1,300,000 MPOS in Brazil, no wonder the PAX D200 is a global phenomenon



    United Kingdom Switzerland Denmark


    Italy Spain Portugal Greece


    Kenya Tanzania S.Africa


    China Russia USA



  • pax s920 mobile terminal

    S920 Wireless

    Compact Mobility

  • pax a920 mobile tablet

    A920 Mobile Tablet

    Next Generation Wireless

  • pax s900 mobile terminal

    S900 Wireless

    Handheld Portability

  • pax s800 countertop terminal

    S800 Countertop

    Reliable Transactional Security

  • pax q80 countertop terminal

    Q80 Indoor Portable

    Next Generation Countertop

  • pax s300 smart pinpad multilane integrated

    S300 Smart PINpad

    Integrated Multilane ECR Terminal

  • pax px7 multilane integrated multimedia terminal

    PX7 Multilane

    Advanced Integrated Multimedia ECR Terminal

  • pax px7 multilane integrated multimedia terminal

    PX5 Multilane

    Advanced Integrated Multimedia ECR Terminal

  • pax d920 ecr pos housing unit

    E820 ECR POS

    Integrated All-In-One Merchant Solution

  • Legacy Generation Terminals

    The original terminal range that PAX took internationally & whose models are still best sellers in many countries

    pax s90 mobile terminals


    Ruggedised Mobile Terminal

    A favourite in China, Italy, India, Egypt and Nigeria. Available in GPRS, 3G, CDMA

    download brochure

    pax s80 countertop terminal


    Ruggedised Desktop Terminal

    Popular in Italy, China & USA. Dial, Ethernet, GPRS and 3G communications

    download brochure

    pax s58 countertop terminal


    Low Cost Desktop Terminal

    Without contactless, the S58 still sees demand where NFC is not a requirement

    download brochure

    pax sp30 smart pinpad multilane integrated


    Smart PINpad

    This was PAX's first multilane integrated device used to connect to cash registers

    download brochure

    pax s200 pinpad contactless


    NFC PINpad

    A high spec PIN-entry only device with colour screen and inbuilt contactless

    download brochure

    pax r50 contactless reader


    Peripheral NFC Reader

    Connected to other POS terminals to offer a customer facing NFC experience

    download brochure

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    Video examples of how PAX solutions are being marketed around the world

    PAX Top Sellers

    PX - D200 - S920

    PAX Worldwide Conference 2016

    "Sneak Peek"

    A920 - D220 - Q80 - D820


    Cielo & the D200


    Aduno & the D200


    IDFC Bank

    D180 & Micro-ATM

    Apple Pay PAX S300

    Apple Pay

    S300 @ Superbowl


    Banco Popolare & the D200


    New Zealand

    SmartPay & D200 / D210

    PAX D200 Video


  • PAX Around The World

    In over 100 countries PAX is the preferred local payment terminal brand

    pax technologies private limited india


    PAX Technologies Private Ltd.

    A massive country, with a lot of people (1.3 billion) and very few terminals (1.4 million). The Reserve Bank of India is on a mission to increase this to 20 million. Our D180 & D200 are extremely popular and PAX's market share is growing phenomenally.

    pax technology usa

    United States of America

    PAX Technology Ltd.

    It's all about the EMV shift! Half of America's 15 million payment terminals still need to be upgraded to Chip & PIN. We are certified with major US processors and are winning significant market share with our superior quality solutions. We operate out of Jacksonville (Florida) and Phoenix (Arizona).

    pax brazil


    PAX do Brasil

    The world's largest MPOS market where we have deployed over 1.3 million units. We have assembly facilities in Manaus in the Amazon region. PAX has quickly replaced incumbent suppliers as the preferred payment terminal brand. Check our Media area for the Cielo video.

    pax italia srl


    PAX Italia Srl

    PAX completed its first international acquisition in Italy in 2016 and was our first major European success. PAX is selling to major acquirers such as CartaSi, UniCredit and Banco Popolare. A mix of the legacy S80 and S90 terminals as well as sleek D200 MPOS.

    pax technology china shenzhen


    PAX Technology Ltd.

    Known as Baifu in China, PAX is the n.1 terminal supplier. Like India, there is huge growth potential above the install base of some 22m terminals due to the fact that people are increasingly being weaned off cash and many tier 3 and tier 4 cities are yet to see POS deployments.

    PAX has a huge nation-wide network of sales & service centres.

    pax ebe egypt

    North Africa

    Egyptian Bureau of Engineering

    As the Egyptian economy picks up after the Arab Spring, over 100,000 of our S90 terminal has been deployed in a government-backed food subsidy program. Neighbours Sudan & Libya are also growing PAX markets as electronic payment & mobile topup increasingly replace cash and scratch card transactions.

    pax nordics scandinavia


    GoAppified - Onslip - Bambora

    Our newest international channel partner is the Danish based company GoAppified. Leveraging our Italian CB2 payment protocol, our state of the art S920 mobile terminal and D200 MPOS are being deployed this year from Denmark into Norway and Finland. Former Hypercom reseller Bambora also represents PAX as well as Onslip in Sweden.

    pax uk

    United Kingdom


    Former senior executives from Verifone, Point and Commidea setup Optomany a few years ago and the company is fast becoming a major payment terminal solution supplier, having obtained UKCC certification of PAX terminals and with the launch of their own payment gateway solution.

    pax technology europe

    Rest of Europe

    Transaction Systems - Novelpay - CCV - Inpas - Petrotec

    PAX address this culturally complex region by also going to market through a network of well known payment system integrators, all of whom formerly worked with other major suppliers and have superb software development skills & strong local relationships.

    pax turkey middle east

    Middle East & Turkey

    KNET - Intersoft - Tosan - Trust - Interpay

    PAX goes to market through the most reputable payment system integrator companies in the region. They include KNET in Kuwait, Intersoft in Saudi Arabia & UAE, Tosan in Iran, Trust in Jordan and Interpay in Turkey. D200 and S920 are popular, and PAX is set to break into the Fiscal POS market in Turkey end of 2016 with a customized version of the S900 in partnership with Profilo Edata.

    pax latin america

    Latin America

    Kinpos - Pax do Brasil - Mobile & Wireless - PDS

    Apart from Brazil, mentioned above, in the Spanish speaking countries of South America, PAX goes to market through well established channel partners who for many years have been considered reputable payment system integrators.

    pax asia

    South East Asia - Australia - New Zealand

    Smartpay - Wirecard - Smartweb - GHL - BPS

    PAX goes to market in Asia through reputable payment system integerators, including Bangkok Payment Systems (Thailand), Smartpay (Australia & New Zealand), Wirecard (Singapore), GHL (Malaysia) and Smartweb (Indonesia).

    pax africa


    Liquid Telecom Payments - Etop - Itex - Interswitch - S2M

    Africa has been a boom market for PAX and continues to offer a lot of growth potential. Many African countries have leap-frogged more developed markets by deploying the latest advanced mobile communications such as GPRS, CDMA and 3G. The D200, S920, S900 and S90 are popular all across this beautiful continent.